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Paying for Great Service and Giving Back.

Every couple has a budget that they have to stick to and regardless of whether that budget is big or small, we all try to get the most that we can for our money. Each couple spends time on adding details that make the day uniquely theirs. Brides and grooms (okay, maybe moreso the brides) spend time reading over website after website about questions to ask vendors when they are making their selections. How many tables, how many hours, do you have insurance, etc. But there is one question that I never see on these lists that I wish couples would ask all of their vendors.

“What kind of service do you provide the day of the wedding?”

Or in other words, “What items/things will you not tend to the day of my wedding?”

Bridal Show_0054

You wouldn’t expect that your photographer would be the steaming your dress, spreading petals down the aisle, pinning on boutonnieres, passing champagne, helping place the centerpieces on the tables, or calming a crying bride because her groom is 45 minutes late because the limo didn’t show up on time, but I have done it all because other vendors dropped the ball.  I am one of those “step in and help when needed people,” so I do what is needed the day of a wedding, even if it’s not my responsibility. I am there to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible and to make sure that everyone is enjoying the day. Sadly, not every vendor is willing to go to such lengths. I would like to really encourage every couple, regardless of their budget to ask these questions and make sure that they are not only getting a good deal, but that they are going to get great service the day of their wedding. This can make all the difference in your stress levels, and how much you are able to enjoy the day.

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One more way to tell if the vendor you are working with is likely to go above and beyond on your special day is to see if they give back to their community. Do they donate or do community service? Not every vendor advertises this information, but it is worth asking. As a photographer, I volunteer my services regularly for Tumbleweed Youth Development Center and I donate sessions and packages to other organizations for fundraising auctions. In fact, next week a wedding package donated by yours truly valued at $3100 will be auctioned off at the I Do Wedding Charity Auction! Interested in bidding? Get details on the event here,

I Do Wedding Charity Auction

Until next time, happy wedding planning!